We are now a dealer for Western Pro Feeders

Additional Information

  • In operations using the Western Pro Feeder, we've seen efficiencies as high as 97%! That means when you feed a 900 lb round bale, your animals will actually consume over 870 lbs of that bale
  • Dual hay doors swing wide open to fit any size round or square bale up to 72" wide!
  • Our sliding skids make it quick to pull the feeder out of the mud and give your animals some fresh ground to stand on​
  • With large bale moving equipment you can easily drop the bale in from the top of the feeder and never even get off your tractor!
  • The Western Pro Feeder is built from 12GA American Made steel. That's over 200% thicker than most of our competitors!​
  • Our feed tray is made from High Molecular High Density Polyethylene and tested from -20°F to 140°F​
  • Each bend is made using our high precision CNC Mandrel Bender to preserve wall thickness in our pipe​
  • All joints boast a continuous, full-penetration weldment​
  • Every weld is inspected by an ASW Certified Welder
  • Greaseable hinges on both hay doors​
  • All brass contact surfaces inside our hinges ensure reliable and easy operation for years​
  • Dual doors make placing the bale inside the feeder a breeze​
  • Sliding Skids make it simple to slide the feeder around the pasture with any piece of equipment
  • Fork Slots on 2 sides make it easy to pick the feeder up with standard pallet forks, even with a full bale loaded

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You can expect: 

  • Higher daily weight gain in young animals​
  • To administer wormer less often
  • Higher overall performance from your animals